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We serve guests what we enjoy ourselves – fresh and healthy meals prepared without taking any shortcuts. We use the highest quality ingredients for our meals.

Every morning we fill our dining room with the aroma of coffee and we invite our guests for breakfast. We offer a buffet with a wide selection cereals, cheeses, cold cuts, fish and salads. Tasty food, aromatic drinks, a window overlooking a garden with plenty of flowers and a perspective of a day free of duties… Can you imagine a better morning? In the evening, after a long day filled with holiday experience, you can relax and find a peace of mind by a burning fireplace with a glass of wine and sounds of music. Our guests can order a full-course dinner consisting of three dishes. We prepare our favorite hot meals with the utmost care, being inspired by Polish and Mediterranean cuisine.

We use the best produce from local suppliers. Homemade cottage cheese is delivered from a nearby village – Konarzewo, and honey from an apiary in Rewal. When it comes to bread, we trust only the best suppliers. We order our rolls and bread from a friendly bakery of Krzysztof Majchrzak from Niechorze. We always prepare meals ourselves using only fresh ingredients.

You will not find color additives, flavor enhancers or pre-prepared food in our kitchen. Our meals have already passed multiple tests of gourmets with the most sensitive taste: children. Knowing the needs of the youngest guests and their guardians, we prepare nutritious and healthy soups for children every day between 1pm and 2 pm (upon prior notification).