Rewal and its surroundings

Scenic cliffs arising over a wide, clean beach are only one of numerous attractions which you can find in the vicinity of Villa Sedina. Rewal is a small holiday resort and a fishing village located at the Baltic Sea. Town residents and local authorities do their best to make the area more attractive. Thanks to a concerted effort of the local community, Rewal is one of the most visited touristic regions in Poland.

We would like to tell you about our favourite attractions in neighbouring areas and invite you to an adventure full of positive emotions.

For younger and older children

  • Gibbon adventure park. When tackling a dozen or so courses with obstacles, you will find yourself suspended under trees and you will feel like Tarzan. The courses vary in terms of their difficulty, which makes the park a great place for everyone regardless of their age.
  • A fairy-tale cottage. A fairyland filled with illusion and fear. Each room of this incredible cottage will transfer you to a different fantastic land. The Ames room is an additional attraction; it has been designed to create extraordinary optical illusions.
  • Exhibition of wax figures. In Niechorze, you can find out for yourself whether Napoleon Bonaparte was actually as short as they say, you can also try casting magic spells with Harry Potter and stand toe to toe with Shrek. Apart from 1:1 wax figures, the exhibition also invites you to a world of fantastic 3D animations.
  • Whale park. Are there monsters lurking in the deep seas? What is the biggest creature living in the ocean? Who are the inhabitants of the Baltic Sea? Whale park answers all those and other questions showing you the mysterious underwater world.

For the curious ones

  • Multimedia museum on the cliff. In Trzęsacz, science meets fairytales and legends. Rich presentations featuring sound and image will take for a journey in time and tell you the story of church ruins and the fight between men and elements.
  • The lighthouse. The observation deck of that historic lighthouse allows you to enjoy the panorama of the marvellous Rewal coast. The lighthouse was designed in the middle of the 19th century. It is considered one of the most beautiful on the Polish coast.
  • Lighthouse miniatures park. A casual walk may become a journey along the Baltic coast. The park features carefully recreated miniatures of Polish lighthouses in 1:10 scale. You will learn about their history as well as the history of similar objects from the past.
  • Fishing museum in Niechorze. This permanent exhibition shows the features and the history of a fisherman profession. A lot of exhibits, including historic fishing boats, were donated by local citizens. During summer, seasonal exhibitions are held.

For the active ones

  • Hiking and bike trails. Cliffs, forests, fields and lakes – there is more to staying at the seaside than the beach. Rewal commune offers numerous trails for those who enjoy walking, running, Nordic walking or bike riding.
  • Seaside narrow-gauge railway. A ride in a narrow-gauge railway is a true time travel. The first train travelled along this course in 1896. Historic trains carry tourists between Trzęsacz and
    Pogorzelica. Moreover, you can find an exhibition of historic trains, wagons and even narrow-gauge snowploughs.
  • Mini golf course. The first in Poland professional mini golf course is located in Trzęsacz. Entire families enjoy their time there as they compete in a challenge consisting of 18 holes. The most accurate person wins.
  • Paragliding. Sometimes, it is a good idea to get your feet off the ground and change your perspective, for example to get a bird’s-eye view of things. Those seeking extreme experience and adrenaline will surely appreciate paragliding. The cliff between Rewal and Trzęsacz is the take-off point.