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So that children are not bored even when it rains, we have prepared numerous attractions for both sunny and cloudy days. On the premises, you will find:

  • a playground for small children – with a Winnie the Pooh house, a low slide and a safe swing;
  • a playground for older children – with a slide, a swing, a tower and a mini climbing wall;
  • trampoline;
  • board games;
  • a game console, which can be rented to your room,
  • a collection of DVDs with animated films which can be taken to your room;

Moreover, children are also welcome to use the hot tub.

We understand the needs of parents travelling with small children, that is why we offer conveniences which can help you enjoy your holidays without unnecessary stress:

  • a possibility to rent a baby bath ;
  • a possibility to set a bed for a baby in your room;
  • a possibility to buy swim diapers;
  • chairs and loungers for babies in the dining room;
  • access to bottle warmers and a microwave oven;
  • a possibility to rent helmets and child seats for bikes.

Every day, from 1 pm to 2 pm (upon prior notification), our kitchen serves fresh and nutritious soups for children.

At all times, you can count on our help if your child becomes ill. If needed, our receptionist will provide you with contact information for a paediatrician and point you to the nearest pharmacies and health-care institutions.